Sunday, February 6, 2011

Run to the SuperBowl!

Time:  4:20:08
Distance:  35.34 miles
Pace:  7:22 avg

Well this week started out really well with some quick pace run and then midway through the week I started to feel a little pull or bruising around the metatarsals....not good, but it wasn't a break of fault break of any kind so should heal up quick with a little ease up!  I decided to keep the distance short this week, but still get in a good number of workouts.  This meant that I didn't top 8 miles in any single session this week but tried to keep my overall weekly pace on runs 5 miles or less around 7 flat!  Accomplished that and then took two 6+ mile run days and kept those around 7:40's.  All in all it heeded me some rest this weekend and a good base to hopefully hit it hard just hoping the ole foot is pain free this coming week!

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