Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Announcement: Now a Member of Team CYCLEKIDS 2011

This morning started off with an early airport run to get Ape jet setting to Canada and an hour later the phone rang and a few seconds later this kid was grinning ear-to-ear.

After years of hoping to have the blessing of representing a charity at the Boston Marathon and after many applications, phone interviews; today was the day! at 9:30am on the dot, Rebekah from CYCLEKids, Inc called to give me the good news!

On April 18, 2011 I will have the honor to run the Boston Marathon as a CYCLEKids Team Member. I am in the midst of setting up the B.O.B.'s Fundraising Page and getting this "new" BLOG set up to track training, fundraising, events, and anything else that will compile into this dream come true!

Folks, please check out CYCLEKids and what they stand for and believe in; check out the great stuff they are doing for the kids of today. Today just do one thing for me; strap on a pair of running shoes, hop on your bike.........remember the excitement and joy that fresh air and freedom means. That's the mission of this group to help us all remember, appreciate, and dedicate ourselves to the joys and benefits physical activity.

Thanks for all those who have supported me thus far in this journey and this is only the beginning. A HUGE thanks to the folks at CYCLEKids for believing in me and this journey as a team will be AWESOME!

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