Monday, November 8, 2010

GEB the Greatest of AllTime!

GEB retires after the NYC Marathon!

Many of you probably have no idea who GEB is? Well you have lost out on following the prime years of the man who is probably the greatest distance runner of all-time and probably always will be.

GEB = Haile Gebrselasie from Ethiopia

Geb came on the scene back in the mid 90's and proved to be "the man" on the track and in the 5,000 - 10,000m distance. The best memory I have is watching him in person while at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta. My Dad took me down for a 2 week jaunt at the Bob & Todd Distance Running Camp in Atlanta (Bob Kennedy and Todd Williams). During this camp I got to eat, sleep, and enjoy nothing but running! We had morning breakfast with Olympians, mid-morning workouts, then lunch and learns with Olympians, then afternoon workouts, then took part in being fans of all the runners and witnessing the Olympic Trials and Olympics first-hand.

Geb was always a freak of nature when he laced up the shoes. A few runners have been total icons of the sport; Steve "Pre" Prefontaine to American's a legend, AND Haile "GEB" Gebrselassie the legend! GEB has so many medals, wins, and records it's just nuts.

GEB not only said I got this 5,000 - 10,000m deal locked down, he then took on the Half-Marathon and the Marathon. The Marathon icon who holds the world record with a blistering 2:03:59 STELLAR!

Check out the"Journey of GEB: the greatest of All-Time!"

GEB could rule any distance from the 1,500meter to the Marathon! Yesterday, after having fluid in his knee that was present during an MRI on Saturday, retired after having to pull up at mile 16 of the NYC Marathon. I was hoping he could pull off a nice final Marathon victory but it wasn't to be and at 37 GEB now turns the flats over to the young guns!

Great career GEB you will be greatly missed and never another will come along who graces us with the ability and dedication that you did in distance running for over 20 years! Best part is you always were gracious to fans and never ceased to have a huge smile!

Enjoy your time off and thanks for the memories.............the greatest of all-time!

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