Sunday, November 7, 2010

Week 1: 30 (be)For 30

Weekly WrapUp:

Time: 3:43:39
30.15 miles

Week 1 of the Buildup Stage. This week will be a pretty good step up in mileage from last weeks mild mannered week of letting the legs get some good tempo'd miles, while also resting them a bit before the big step-up stage. The biggest mistake I have always made in my other M-training sessions is to really get worried with that mile pace, always wanting the clock to tick lower and lower; yet a Marathon is about endurance and pacing this time around I want to really build at a constant good pace/tempo and train myself to simply "enjoy the roads at Boston"!

: Day 1: the Tempo 4

Time: 27:58
Distance: 4.0+ miles
Pace: 6:59
the Route

the goal here was to keep each mile sub7 and just get a good paced tempo run in. I was pretty happy with the "exact" sub7 pace and even a negative split for the last mile = which in turn was the fastest of the day!

Tuesday: Suddenly Six

Time: 43:45
Distance: 6.01 miles
Pace: 7:17
the Route

Well today was supposed to be a 3x1600 repeat to get the legs working quick. Yet, I was feeling pretty good and wanted to see how they'd bounce back after a somewhat quick 4sub6 yesterday. So we hit up a long BWE-BW-Park/Sharon Loop. All in all felt pretty good, did decide that a late afternoon run in the SouthPark area can be bad as to how many times you have to pause to cross the street(s).

Wednesday: Day 2: Tempo 4

Time: 30:43
Distance: 4.08 miles
Pace: 7:31
the Route

Today was one of those days, those days where you just aren't feeling it! I hit it anyways after watching the rain come down and debating the "mill miles" I said heck with that and hit the wet roads for a late afternoon 4. It was going pretty good and just holding early-to-mid 7's when I came up on a curb and hit the grass and bit it pretty bad.....ankle didn't fair too well, so there were some slight pauses in the run last mile. Overall, for not feeling like even lacing up today, it wasn't too bad.

Thursday: Rain = Mill Miles!

Time: 35:47
Distance: 4.6 miles
Splits: 7:46
the Route

Well enough said in the title of this run, with the rain and cooler temps I decided to "take my talents to the gym" (said in True NoTalentBronBron Fashion).

Friday: Fab 5...NOT..."Operation Huntingtowne Farms Trail

Time: 47:24
Distance: 6.43 miles
Pace: 7:22
the Route

Well the "Fab 5" turned into a bit more when I decided to set out on "Operation Find Huntingtowne Farm Trail". A friend of mine EGGERS mentioned it in his B.L.O.G. a few days back and I figured the ole BWE roads were getting a bit monotmous so it was time to head over to an amigos stomping grounds. I hit up old Bradd (aka Double D JumpStart) and he gave me some directions and off I went.

Saturday: Day Off

Time to chill and enjoy the day! Contemplated hitting up the DowdY races (until I heard the overnight "freeze" warning), so ultimately decided to take the day off and run around doing other stuff.

Sunday: Slight CatchUp Run

Time: 38:02
Distance: 5 miles
Pace: 7:36

*Overall the week was pretty good a bit less weekend activity than I wished for, but the week was full of pretty good solid pace/tempo runs that gave me a good feeling my legs are there, with some more consistent training and the slow/steady increase in miles week-to-week all should prove worthy. The only downer at this point is that I need the fundraising to start flowing this is the most important piece of allowing me to get to the BostonM and for helping CYCLEKids and all that they do.

Run For the Kids Charity Night @ the Gin Mill, early January...........more details soon to come!

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