Tuesday, November 2, 2010

How a Donation to CYCLE Kids Helps....

Many of you might not know exactly who CYCLE Kids, Inc. is? What they do? or what the charity supports? Many of you have asked these questions as I started my fundraising journey so I thought it best to give you all a quick update and education piece on why you should support and what your support does in the overall picture.

CYCLE Kids, Inc. Mission (per their website):

"The CYCLE Kids mission is to get children on bicycles and engage them in physical activity that addresses the heath and emotional issues facing today's under-active, often overweight, children. Our program encourages confidence, curiosity, and independence, supports efforts to live more environmentally conscious lifestyles, and teaches children a skill they will have for a lifetime."

How the Donor Funds Help

Purchase a Specialized Helmet for a Student,

Provide Bicycle Skills and Nutrition Student & Parent Guides for an ENTIRE Class,

Purchase a BRAND NEW Specialized bicycle for a school,

Cover the Expenses of a Teacher & Police Officer Training for a NEW Program,

Sponsor a "What Does it Mean to be a CYCLE Kids?" giveaway contest and awards Breakfast,

Donate the CYCLE Kids Program to an ENTIRE School or Community Center.


No matter what amount you give or how you support this great charity and my Boston Marathon Team, it is the ultimate joy of helping a bigger cause that you get. You help a kid get out and find a spot of joy and happiness in their day, you help a kid or group of kids experience a joy a lot of us take for granted...riding a bike. Overall you get to help educated children on fun physical activity, the benefits of it, and you get to ultimately put a smile on a child's face! Now how awesome is that!

As you will see if you have visited my Fundraiser/Donor Page @ Razoo; my goal is to try to get upwards of $5,000 total funds raised by event time (event being the Boston Marathon in April 2011)! This would equated to providing HALF the funds to help a school or community center who can't afford to purchase the program, the blessing of offering it to their kids. Now folks, that would be an astounding accomplishment and true blessing for whatever kids it ends up reaching; and would equal a whole lot of smiles!

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