Sunday, October 31, 2010

Prep Week: Short Mileage

Weekly WrapUp:

Time: 2:38:02
Distance: 21.25 miles
Pace: 7:26

This past week was solely used to rest up the legs a bit before I embark on the 3 stage BostonM Program I designed. Phase 1: 6 Weeks, Phase 2: 12 Weeks, Phase 3: 6 Weeks + Race Day!
Yet as it pertained to this week is was time to rest up the legs a bit and take some nice medium paced tempo runs.

: Weather Permitting

Time: 37:26
Distance: 5.0 miles
Pace: 7:29
the Route (trails)
the Route (mill miles)

The weather today was terrible. RTeezy and I hit up the ole trails but soon enough saw the black heads rolling in and then the bottom dropped out. So we headed back after 2 miles and hit up some "Miles on the Mill" the ole trusty treadmill.

Tuesday: Tempo

Time: 31:42
Distance: 4.15
Pace: 7:37
the Route

Today was what I call a nice even keeled tempo run of pure enjoyment. Being the first workout since I got official word of my entry with TEAM CYCLEKids in the Boston Marathon, I simply wanted to put on the iPod and just go enjoy myself.......ended up "truly" being a good even temp run!

Wednesday: Rest Day

Today was nuts, with a ton of meetings and Ape's travel plans changing by the minute. I went for an early morning "jog" but didn't constitute it as a true workout, just a rest the legs a bit before the end of week/weekend push into Monday's kick-off of the Boston BuildUp! Had a great breakfast with Tyler "Supaman" Creech and then a good possible Thunder Road Half planning lunch with Mr. Rhodes aka Adam - we will see what comes of throwing that idea around........

Thursday: Neighborhood Repeats

After getting a bit bogged down with stuff today, it left only a short time slot in the afternoon to get some type of workout in. I figured I hadn't done any real lengthy speed work in awhile. So why not head out the front door and hit up 3x1600 repeats in the neighborhood.

Time: 19:19
Distance: 3.01 miles
Splits: 6:32, 6:24, 6:21
the Route (before the battery left me)

*note when using the Big Geezy (the Garmin405) make sure to charge that bad boy pretty frequently!

Friday: Pre-Halloween Freaky Friday

Watch was still on the fritz, guess I need to invent some type of wireless charging that automatically beams to the Big Geezy! So I just used the ole reliable Timex;

Time: 39:12
Distance: 5.12 miles
Pace: 7:39

Saturday: Tempo Run by Time - Halloween Party Prep Run!

This morning it was time to forget mileage and just go for a leisurely run with the sole goal of getting a good steady 30 minutes of tempo done without killing the legs too much before the big BostonM Training kick-off week!

Time: 30:23
Distance: 3.97 miles
Pace: 7:39

Sunday: NASCAR & Pigskin = REST Day!

After surviving the Annual Frazer Freak-nic Halloween Party it was time I got some much needed catch-up rest! So I hit the "kings chair" and watched some football and a good bit of Talledega (aka the NASCAR race). Then headed over to the Johnson's for some dinner and fun with friends!

*now tomorrow starts teh "mileage build-up" portion of the training!

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