Sunday, November 14, 2010

Week 2: 30 Surprise Bash = Short Week!

Weekly WrapUp:

Time: 2:01:18
16.3 miles

Week 2 of the Buildup Stage. I really wanted to up the mileage a bit this week and try to add another 10 or so and get up around 40...although this was questionable the whole time as my birthday is Sunday (the BIG 3-0!) and I was headed to ole Chucktown/MT.P to see the fam so it was pretty iffy from the start.

: BWE-BW-HTF-BW-SW-BWE -- SouthCharlotte Neighborhood Jaunt!

Time: 50:57
Distance: 7 miles
Pace: 7:16
the Route

Pretty dang happy with today! Only little bad pop-up was a slight ache in the left knee (the infamous Sarasota or Bust knee). I am pretty sure it was just a little cold and it ended up working the kink out during the cool down miles, so all-in-all liking the pace, felt good, great run!

Tuesday: Shinedown: PreConcert 4

Time: 30:28
Distance: 4.17 miles
Pace: 7:18
the Route

a quick shakeout today after yesterdays 7, simply proved to be a pre-concert run that was cut short due to time. Although it was a jaunt through a new area of town for me, what I call backside of HarrisY and Old Georgetown....per the usual...I did the mapmyrun prior to departing and the memory got me a bit turnaround.

Wednesday: EASY 5!

Time: 39:53
Distance: 5.13 miles
Pace: 7:44
Mill Miles

Ran low on time today as had to get Ape from work early so did a few "Mill Miles" and called it a day. Up next is the trip to Charleston for the birthday weekend!

Thursday - Sunday: BIG Surprise 30th Birthday Bash!

Well my birthday fell on Sunday, but Ape decided to surprise me this weekend with a trip to Charleston. As I thought we were going down to stay and visit with my parents for the birthday weekend. They tricked me and next thing I knew we were staying on the beach in a multi-million dollar CRIB on Palm Blvd @ Isle of Palms that was spectacular! We had 27 folks friends/family in the house and even had one of my best buds fly in from Ohio! It was a fun-filled beach weekend, full with games, oyster roasts, and tons of memories.

*needless to say the training runs took pause so I could hang with the gang!

Run For the Kids Charity Night @ the Gin Mill, early January...........more details soon to come!

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