Monday, December 6, 2010

Week 6: to Half or Not....Unfortunately NO!

Weekly WrapUp:

Time: 2:16:00
17.7 miles
Pace: 7:41

Week 6 of the Progression was to be the increase in mileage week with a race on Saturday In hopes the "lefty" feels better, I was to increase the mileage this week at a SLOW pace! That didn't happen instead we ended up having to step back, do x-rays and figure this knee thing out now. Luckily it doesn't seem like anything that is terrible........just a mis-tracking of the knee cap due to swelling.

: Mill Miles Thanks to Cool Temps!

Time: 1:08:55
Distance: 8.98 miles
Pace: 7:40's

Pretty dang boring doing 9 miles give/take on a treadmill, but it had to be done. I did get to catch up on SportsCenter and that was pretty much the only positive from this one!


Time: 43:59
Distance: 5.7 miles
Pace: 7:43

Just a maintenance run and making sure to keep the pace even keeled and nothing too demanding while the knee mends.


Time: 23:06
Distance: 3.02 miles
Pace: 7:38

Thursday-Sunday: Rest the knee post Xrays and Therapy!

Much to my dislike it was time to take a few days off, we have finally started to see the swelling diminish and the left knee cap begin to fall back in-line....all this is good! Will kick it back up on Monday and test it out with a good full week of miles!

Best part of the weekend was hitting up the Thunder Road Marathon here in Charlotte! With a few friends in the half marathon and ole D.Eggers in the full; it was a fun day of playing the role of a fan and spectator! Plus I got to see Charlotte's own J.K. kill it in the full!

Run For the Kids Charity Night @ the Gin Mill, January 8th 7pm -- Until?...........more details soon to come!

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