Sunday, December 12, 2010

Thunder Road 2010

Yesterday was the B.O.B.'s favorite sports day of the year; the Thunder Road Marathon here in my hometown of Charlotte. Each year I am like a kid at Christmas when I know I get to wake-up and either lace up the shoes to log some race miles or, like this year, bundle up and go stand in as a fan and spectator! I love watching all the folks out testing their limits and seeing all the camaraderie that the running community has!

This year I had a couple of my good friends attempting the ole Amica Half Marathon in their "new color" outfits! Congratulations to Aimee "PowerBand" Couture and Rebecca "4 Loko" Dillingham!

Also a huge congrats to my ole highschool teammate Daniel Eggers on his BostonQ time and a 3 hour flat finish! Awesome run kid!

Yet, the biggest congrats of the day once again goes to J.K. (Jordan Kinley) of Charlotte. In the past year+ he has given Charlotte a treat. JK is unbelievably fast and makes it look so natural! He defended his title from last year, but bested last year's time with a 2:24:46....unreal!

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  1. Thanks for the shout out and for cheering us on to the finish!! I love our nicknames and appreciate you commenting on my new running outfit! :)