Friday, January 14, 2011

Takin it Easy Week!

Well thanks to the "Blizzard of 2011" here in the Queen City the week got off to a slow training start! Luckily though I was able to head over to UrbanActive and get some miles in on the Dreadmill a few days this week..........that is before the "hole in the pad" incident. Not really sure how it happened but woke up on Thursday morning with a terrible shooting pain on the bottom of my left pad (aka foot).......only to find a splinter deep as heck in there. After taking to it with a needle and tweezers luckily that badboy came out. Although it has yielded only minimal miles this week all-in-all. Sometimes even when you hit 25-30 miles in a week, when they aren't solid training miles (or so it seems) you feel a bit off pace..........kinda like this dude compliments of our friends at Runner's World......"ole Mr. Tater"!

Here's to hoping next week is back to normal!

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