Monday, January 10, 2011

Dampening the Solid Miles.......Uggghhhh!

As most of you know, I ultimately dislike snow! I always have to be on the go and when you live down South (aka the Queen City) we really don't know what we are doing when the wintry-mix hits us.

Today I decided to listen to my head and not lace up and hit the streets. This is when I wish I lived close to trails (ie: McApline, McMullen Creek, etc). As they don't end up being nasty slushy/icy mix like the roads do.

So after measuring this morning then hitting up another round basically to yield the great background it was time for me to switch gears and hence call this "College Gameday" since the BCS Championship Game is on tonight! So time to relax, grab a Code Blue, and get ready for some football!

So my final thought is "melt fast and it's off the Par & Bar tonight" for me!

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