Sunday, January 9, 2011

Gin Mill Fundraiser Night = Huge SUCCESS!

Well last night we had the big Gin Mill Fundraiser Night benefiting the great folks of Team CYCLE Kids, Inc. Our friends at the Gin Mill were as awesome as always, we set up early afternoon then hit off the event at 7pm and enjoyed some live music from our friends Chad York, Matt Gourlay, and Phil......the boys of "the Smoking Co"! We hit up some great raffles and did some major fundraising with the tip jars!

After unloading all the raffle prizes and packing over 150+ into the Gin Mill for the big bash! We thanked everyone and got DJ J-Five up for the late night dance party and continued to have some late night fun and pull in some more funds!

A final count on monies raised during the Gin Mill Event will come later this week!

Thanks to all those who came out and enjoyed some great live music, friendship, and supporting a great cause! I greatly appreciate each of you who joined us and thanks for being so generous in helping me reach my fundraising goals!

Also a huge thank you to the folks at the Gin Mill and to Chad, Matt, and Phil for rocking it all night long!

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