Monday, February 28, 2011

the Catch 22 Week!

Time: 1:45:42
Distance:  14.1 miles
Pace: 7:30 avg

Week the post DC week was not what I figured it would be.  I was feeling worn out when I returned but just thought it was simply due to the constant go I was on during the biz trip to DC.  After relaxing and enjoying a friends wedding that weekend I started to tell something wasn't quit right with the B.O.B.  It hit Ape first and she came down with a bug, then of course when living in close quarters it got to me.  So this week was what I can an epic fail, especially  this close to "B-day", so now it's time a few days of mending and re-fueling (since I am down 16 lbs from 5 days ago) then back to the build-up.

The only positive out of the week was getting my official "confirmation of acceptance" card in the mail, hence the pic below;
So all-in-all I guess the week was just a "catch 22"....some bad, some good!  Oh well!

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