Monday, March 7, 2011

February: the Month in Review!

In true Ace&TJ fashion and all rights to Riggins, "this is my BLOG post, called the month in review, it's a month's worth of runs summarized for you.  No special affects and no auto-tune...."

Well folks February started out great, I was logging stellar miles, lowering my pace/distance.......all-in-all I was feeling like we were getting somewhere.  Then came the middle of the month; after a great build-up the first 2 weeks, I had to make a trip to DC (to try and talk the NObama Administration into some sense) and well the verdict is "plane crud" (aka recycled air) and I don't like each other.  It ended up with me sleeping in the bathroom for 5 days with the dang stomach bug. 

After 5 days of nothing literally, I was down 16 pounds and pretty dang weak, so it yielded only a few 4-6 mile runs the last few days of February.  The month was still pretty solid considering an 8 day break due to sickness.

Time:  15:53:11
Distance:  128.76 miles
Pace:  7:24 avg

Now it's off to March and hopefully good health and solid miles from here out until April 19th!

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