Sunday, March 27, 2011

Log 'em Easy but Solid Week

This week was a good solid week!

Time:  5:26:30
Distance:  44:38 miles
Pace:  7:21 avg

It was a good solid week before I begin the "true taper" stage in a couple weeks.  This week was full of some good paced runs and some shocking paced runs; both good and bad I guess.  It did call for a few runs at "race pace" so those are the days I have a hard time with.  Seeing as my running days started in high school with cross country 5k's you always want to hit the gun quick and hit the pace hard..........yet in Marathon thinking that's not necessarily the mindset you want.
I did get my final "Bib Number" card for the the big day!  Along with the official "BostonM Welcome Book" and the always exciting Marathon Apparel booklet!

This coming week will be a stellar one I hope as I will hit up a few "double days" and the final "long run"!

As the Brooks folks say, "Run Happy" folks!

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