Monday, March 21, 2011

Race 1: the Shamrock 4 Miler

After having not run a competitive race in probably the better part of a year, it was time to toe the line for a nice relaxed pace, get your mind right 4 Miler in honor of St. P's Day!

It was one of those morning though, where you got a ton of other stuff to do and you just aren't feeling real peppy from the get-go.  Got up around 6am and grabbed some wheat toast and some watered down Gatorade and headed over to park the car and pick up the timing chip.  After a slight easy easy warm-up it was gun-time.

One thing that has always bugged me is the folks who think they are truly competitive, I know where I stand....middle of the pack no further towards the front.  I love the folks who are still caught on their younger days and try to get up front..........including walk/runners, people who just plain don't look they are out there to actually go for a goal time, and those with kids or kids in strollers.....don't get me wrong I am glad you are out there and proud of you.  The more folks in the running community the better, as it is a great sport with great dividends to pay health-wise and all.  Yet, please give those of us who are hobby runners, those of us who train daily for somewhat quick goal times, the first 10 rows.

Anyways, the first miles was brutal, got stuck weaving in-out and got real frustrated, yet remembered in my head that this was simply a race to practice pace control trying to hit 7:30's or so the entire way.  Thus at the end I saw it as a 50/50; I was frustrated I didn't clock it better, but happy I practiced what I have been preaching and stayed on pace overall.

After all was said and done, I grabbed a quick water and said a quick hi to an ole CCS Cross Country teammate; Daniel Eggers (who killed it, kid is crazy fast) and then headed home to prep the house for the party that evening!

Time:  30:27
Distance:  4.04 miles
Pace:  7:32 avg
the Route

Thanks to all those at Run For Your Life who put on these great events and host the best "summer series" of races around!  Now off to train for Boston and then back for some R4YL Series races!

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