Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Family Featured in the "Boston Globe"!

Boston Marathon 2011 in the books folks!  Check out the Team CYCLE Kids BLOG for a quick write-up and pictures!

Well I haven't had time to sit down and really do a full fledged write-up of the Boston Marathon as it will be a long one!  The experience was the ultimate dream.  The time wasn't what I was shooting for and the late mile hills really tore up my legs after the long downhill pull on the calves and such....but late in the race I decided to simply back it off and take it all in!   UNREAL folks....the greatest event I have ever and will ever do I am sure.

Another really cool thing was seeing the Team CYCLE Kids folks and my family (Ape, Bethy, Dad, and Betsy) at the 25-26 mile mark @ Kenmore Square near the famous Citgo Sign and Fenway Park!  Check out the write-up the family got in the "Boston Globe: Marathon Coverage Section"!

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