Monday, April 4, 2011

the Last Big Week for the B.O.B.

The little lady (aka Ape) headed off to Europe and I was around with lots of time on my hands so it was time to log some serious miles and get my last killer week or training in before a few tapper runs and tapper races (5k and 8k this coming weekend).

This week was about PACE and PACE only, as I wanted to run some consistent splits and keep the pace at 7:30+ as to get my body in the "learning mode".  Too many times I have gone out and been done by mile 16-18, then trudged in slowly only to have a terrible last 10k of the marathon.  Since I am looking at this as a "fun, enjoy yourself" marathon I really would like to have some more consistency this go-round!

So after a week of tallying up and watching the Big-Geezy (the Garmin) the numbers are in!

Time:  6:05:50
Distance:  48.65 miles
Pace:  7:31 avg

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