Wednesday, April 6, 2011

the Final Distance TuneUp!

Today was the last double digit attempt before the big race in 12 days!  I decided to head out on the Greenway near the crib and hit up 10 miles on the clock and another 5 between warm-up/cool-down.  The Big Geezy (aka the Garmin) didn't have a ton of juice left, so only tracked the main part of the run .

Time:  1:14:58 / 1:58:17
Distance: 10.01 miles / 15.23 miles
Pace:  7:29 avg / 7:46 avg
the Route

All-in-all the run felt pretty good, the legs felt pretty peppy and body felt pretty good.  So the goal was to run it at comfort level!  As the nerves start to get in my head knowing that my running career thus far will hit it's all-time plateau in less than 2 weeks seems crazy! 

As I sat down at the Casa de B.O.B. and began to think of the past months all culminating to this one "Bucket List" event here soon!  It's been a crazy 20 weeks though one with my second running career injury that nagged for a good while, some crazy stomach bug thing that knocked me out and sent me back to square one training wise less than 2 months out.
This whole process has been unreal....5 years of applications to charities involved with the BAA and interview and app fees....finally coming to life this year with Team CYCLE Kids and the great folks up there in the Boston office.  Along the journey that started about 20 weeks ago; a wonderful support group of friends, family, and donors who have fully thrown all their love and support my way.  A killer Gin Mill Charity Night event and great support from the folks at the Gin Mill and our out of this world entertainment at the event from The Three Amigos: Chad York, Matt Gourlay, and Phil that raised an astonishing $1,500+ in a single night!

As I reflect back those are the pillars that will cary me mile-by-mile on Patriot's Day from Hopkinton to Hancock Square! It's a different approach than my other marathons, where I went out wanting to hit a certain goal time or pace along the way......yet with Boston so much thought has been in it for me (someone who just plan isn't fast enough to qualify time wise, but dreamed about just toeing the line one day) so when I hit that line in Wave #3 and Coral #5 on the 18th of April I will go out and take it all in.  I want to not try to set a goal time or pace, I want to enjoy it, take in all the history of the race, enjoy the mass of spectators, and all-in-all soak it all this will be a once in a lifetime deal for me I know!

To those who have helped me along the journey, supported by asking how training was going, thrown a few dollars my way to help me raise funds, and/or been to a charity event to support me.........THANK YOU!

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