Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Week of Tune Ups!

Time:  4:28:04
Distance:  35.99 miles
Pace:  7:27 avg

Well after a few stellar weeks of good solid mileage, I decided to dial it back a bit, but also toe-the-line at 2 local "tune-up" races.  I wanted to use these to simply get my mind right, play that mental game and get back in the groove of grabbing a bib number, pinning it to the shirt, and hitting the line with the masses.

The week consisted of a few training runs that saw the last double digit day on Wednesday where I put in a good 15 miles; 10 of which I did at timed pace and felt pretty good:  the Big Geezy Route.

Then Friday night I hit up the "Celebrate Your Health 5k" in downtown Charlotte and then got up early and headed over to the "Elizabeth 8k" on Saturday morning.  The ultimate goal here was to run each race a bit faster than "race pace" and really try to hold myself back and not push it too hard...........after all it is time to start mending the legs for the long haul in Boston!

 Celebrate Your Health 5k 
Time: 22:21 Pace: 7:12
*course seemed long per the Big Geezy so with the adjusted numbers I figured Time: 21:15 Pace: 6:50

Elizabeth 8k 
Time:  36:33 Pace: 7:23
*goal here was to hit in the 38-40 minute mark and keep the pace steady.

All in all the races went pretty good, although on Sunday the legs did feel a bit tired, so I rested them and will hit some slow miles this week in prep for Monday the 18th!

Next up BostonM baby in a little over a week!

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