Friday, March 11, 2011

the Quick Bounce Back Attempt!

Well it's been a crazy past few weeks, with DC travel, then something similar to the Bubonic Plaque, then a world wind of work being done around the house.  All-in-all it has caused for crazy training patterns.  This week was deemed "the Bounce Back" post being sick.  I needed to eat a good bit and put a little weight on, then log some solid miles at a solid pace to test my strength to make sure I didn't loose too much.

Today was the test day, meaning a low mileage, high pace, hopefully stellar workout!  ACCOMPLISHED!
Stellar indeed folks, anchor mile was done a 6:17 pace.........meaning my kick is still there.  I logged 2 miles at 7:19 pace then a half mile around 7:40 and then kicked it in with the anchor mile to test the legs, lungs, and see if I had the strength to kick it!  Not long mileage, but solid effort..........tomorrow is a good LSD run so we will test in the department of longevity tomorrow!

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