Monday, March 14, 2011

the Weather is Heatin up and so are my Miles..........finally!

Time: 5:15:55
Distance: 42.92 miles
Pace: 7:22 avg

This week was the "back at it" week, time for some solid miles and hopefully a somewhat worthy pace.  Again seeing as I can't seem to find any friends to partake any runs with me...........don't have the most physically fit bunch around here (or at least those that really enjoy some decent paced runs or cycling rides) I ventured alone this week again.

Hit up a couple good long runs in the latter part of the week with a culmination being a double digit 12+ on Saturday after yard work all day.  Paced pretty good kept it around 7:20's for the most part and kicked in a nice last mile.  Then it was ACC Tournament time.

Overall a good week got some good miles in and felt pretty good considering I am still down 10+ pounds and a week out of the Bubonic Plaque!

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